In Matthew 2, the bible tells us the wise men followed a star which would lead them to the savior. For 9 years The Kingdom Center has been following a star, seeking our purpose and destiny in this region. At last we believe this our star has stopped.

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There comes a time when crossing over is no longer just a good idea, but a mandate. When God sends His Word to a people, it shifts them from wilderness wandering to promise land WONDER. As we respond to His Word, He empowers us to leave a legacy in the earth that testifies of His faithfulness! On the southeast corner of the crossroads of I-265 & I-64 God has shown us the next chapter of this ministry. As we sow sacrificial seed in this season to possess the land that God has promised to us, we are effectively gathering our own stones. Together with this memorial we'll be leaving our own legacy of faith in the earth!